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Real Wealth Development Only is for the Brave

I’ve been a professional money writer for twenty years since my first ‘blog’ post went viral on AOL in 1998. Going global, it was published in seven languages and helped me establish my reputation as a small business expert and personal finance writer.

But, I’ve always wanted to focus on the wealth management industry having once dreamed of being an investment banker on Wall Street after graduating from Wellesley College. Instead, I decided to focus on raising my son rather than slogging long hours in an unforgiving corporate job and that led me to launch my own business.

As I developed my expertise, I got the opportunity to move into editorial content writing and content communications strategy writing for large wealth industry clients. I decided to make a full commitment to that work as I entered the second year of my master’s degree program in corporate communications at Georgetown University.

But, I had a profound revelation as I transitioned my original writing enterprise—Thrive Wealth Communications—into corporate communication consulting practice targeting the wealth and financial services industries. I recognized I still maintain a passion for empowering individuals and small business owners develop skills to build wealth.

Moreover, I have readers who believe the small business and personal finance content I create is essential and useful. They want me to keep providing my unique insights into successfully operating a small enterprise and managing personal finances.

I’m committed to sustainable global prosperity. I believe there is enough for all of us to thrive financially. And, I’m also blessed with the skills and abilities I have to bless others, and I’m as committed to that as anything else I do. So, I launched Get Money Moxie to share what I learn as I continue to grow my own wealth so I can bring others along, too.

Global Prosperity Starts at Home

This is not an “America first” statement since I’m a long-time participant in the global economy and want to see people around the world thrive financially. It is a recognition that I don’t know what I don’t know. What I do know U.S. personal finance better than that of other countries. So, it’s smart to stay in my lane and focus on U.S. audiences to avoid misleading readers.

Whether you are visiting from inside or outside the United States, this blog will provide different personal finance and small business development tools, tips, and resources. Regardless of your locale, you should apply them carefully to your unique situation and with local laws in mind.

As the site’s tagline suggests, “Growing Your Courage to Get Wealth by Making Your Dollars Make Sense” is the best way to support you as you achieve your financial dreams.

As I write content for paying clients to generate revenue to support my needs and grow more prosperous, I’ll gear this blog toward helping individuals who aren’t independently wealthy develop the “moxie” or courage to pursue their financial dreams,

No Get Rich Schemes Covered

This isn’t the blog for people looking to get wealth quick, fast, and in a hurry. Building wealth means playing the long-game. Only knowledge coupled with wisdom alongside diligence, focus, patience, hard work that’s smart work, solid money decisions, and courage to persevere through the tough stuff leads to wealth over time.

For those who are already operating and growing revenue-generating virtual or other service-based business, this blog also will support you. Naturally, you’ll have to keep grinding to succeed, but I’ll offer some mechanisms and means to help you do it more profitably.

Small Business Blogger, Prestigious Brand Writer

If you’re an early-stage, still bootstrapping startup, this blog may help you move beyond that stage, but I won’t guarantee that because numerous factors will determine if you succeed. I’ll do my best to cover some of those, but most of the content here will target those making at least $5,000 per month regularly in their enterprise.

Similarly, if you’re considering launching your own business, this blog will provide limited help for you. There are lots of sites which focus specifically on your needs, however, and an internet search will help you identify those

But, I as my Recent Work and Expertise & Services pages show, I only work with thriving top brands. If you’re seeking limited short-term paid help, I may be able to assist you via Clarity. Visit me there to learn what support I offer small businesses. Or, click on the “Request a Call” in the widget on the right sidebar to set up a time for a paid chat.

I don’t discount my services, and the only information I offer without charge to you is on this blog. So if you’re not in a position to pay my fees, I suggest you visit your local Small Business Development Center or a similar organization in your area for free or lower-cost help. Again, numerous other blogs offer information for startups looking to grow.

This blog got launched to be a source of inspiration, and it’s only for those who want to thrive, not just survive.* You’re not only determined to be “that person,” but you’re also someone willing to put in the work and do what it takes to grow your wealth in legal, ethical ways that hurt nobody, including yourself.

If that’s you and you’ve been looking for a blog like this, stay tuned! You’ll be glad you did.

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