Anti-Spam Policy

Please, no spam.

You’ll find several emails on this site for specific uses. Thrive Media, Inc., the parent of Get Money Moxie, Inc. (“Get Money Moxie”) and owner of, understands business owners need to generate revenue. We’re aware that agency employees must do their jobs. But, there’s a right way achieve those goals, and spam is not that way. So, here a few rules we expect site visitors to honor.

They’re important to make clear because spam is evil and, like most people, we hate spam and don’t want to add abusive emailers to email blacklisting sites without having this policy on the website. Please, respect our aversion to spam as we do yours in our promise below.

  • The first email address on our Contact page is only for use by potential editorial, corporate communications or strategic content writing clients seeking services from Get Money Moxie, Inc. That does not include those inviting Dahna Chandler to events to get news coverage for the you or your client. She does not accept such invitations.
  • There is no longer a direct way for PR people to reach Get Money Moxie. We will reach out to you for your help. Please don’t call us or find and use any other email address to use to contact Dahna Chandler.
  • There are two additional email addresses on this website. One is at the bottom of the site’s blog posts that are only to be used to obtain permission to repost or otherwise use this website’s content. The other is in the Terms of Use page. Both are only to be used for the purposes intended.

Moreover, we already have web design and related services providers available to us. We’re not looking for new designers, SEO consultants, bloggers or related services providers. So, please do NOT use any of these email addresses to solicit us or sell your services.

Also, don’t use any email address here to recruit Dahna Chandler for positions that she has not identified interest in pursuing. To reduce spamming, we will report such spam to email providers and spammer blacklists and block the email addresses of abusers of our email addresses.

We promise you that Get Money Moxie won’t spam you either.

If you provide Get Money Moxie with your email address for any reason, including as a subscriber to our blog or to download any content the website may offer, we assure you, Get Money Moxie won’t add it to any email lists to which you haven’t opted in deliberately. We don’t like it when other people do that to us without our permission, so we won’t do it to you.

Please feel free to review the website’s privacy policy to learn more about how we use your email addresses or contact us if you have any questions about this policy. Just don’t spam us.

Policy Changes

This Anti-Spam Policy is subject to changes at any time without notice. You can find the changes and the most up-to-date version of the Anti-Spam on this page.

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