Content Caveats

Note: This page is different from the Content Disclaimer on the site so please don’t confuse the two. This page cautions readers about content that may make them feel other than positive and supported. That said…

Not Everyone Will Feel Comfortable Here

I’m not a fan of content warnings. I believe most grown-ups can handle discomfort or shock from seeing content that’s created without malicious intent but may cause some distress. But, I also believe it’s important to address and identify certain perspectives or issues that might be part of this blog experience.

Then, as you would swimming on a beach with no lifeguard to save you from a rip tide or something else you didn’t see coming, you’re handed responsibility for your reactions and choice to stay on this blog.

That’s the purpose of this page. While it’s not exhaustive, it does provide some idea of what things you’ll see or read here and what their impact on you might be.

  • If you believe wealth development is for the greedy or all debt is evil—whether that belief is founded on faith, politics, personal trauma or fear, you won’t be comfortable here.
  • You may be someone who finds my writing blog content that addresses inequality to share ways to overcome it threatening to what you hold dear. If such content will make you feel resentful, offended or accused rather than challenged to change your perspective, please find another place to read.
  • If you think you should be free to demand that I explain my reasoning, write about something I’m not interested in covering or not write about something, some brand or someone you detest, then expect to have your privilege checked.
  • I may write about or for brands you don’t like. If you’ll find it hard to respect my right to do so, this blog isn’t for you.
  • If you’ll focus on what you think can’t be done because you can’t do that thing, please move aside and watch the rest of us do that very thing.

In fact, if feel in any way harmed, please stay away because neither, it’s parent, nor its affiliated brands are responsible for your reaction to anything here. So, if you feel uncomfortable on this blog, please leave and do not return.

Parents, Watch Your Children

If your minor child, someone under 18, visits this site, while there won’t be nudity or any other adult-only content on this site, you are entirely responsible for their behavior on or response to content on this site. Please act accordingly.

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