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Dahna Chandler was one of my special writers during my time at Black Enterprise. A contributor to both and Black Enterprise magazine, Dahna always managed to stay ahead of the curve, offering insightful analysis on business news. I’d describe her as a thorough reporter, a writer that gets the facts right and who knows the meaning of being on deadline. She’d be an asset to any publication. Latif Williams, Former Editor, Black Enterprise

Serving Your Editorial Needs

When your media outlet or trade publication is looking for an independent business and finance journalist or blogger, you’re looking for one who creates content that gets read by your target audiences. I’m an award-winning business and finance journalist with almost 20 years of experience who does precisely that.

Because the best journalists and professional business bloggers don’t write on every subject, I focus on sub-topics within several larger niches to which I can bring my best efforts. I bring years of writing experience as well as sustained passion and interest to writing projects involving these domains. They include:

  • Wealth and Personal Finance Management: wealth development, socially-responsible alternative investing, credit, borrowing, personal income taxes, education funding, saving money, and insurance. 
  • Small Business Property and Casualty Insurance: SMB property and casualty coverage, disaster planning, legal issues facing unprotected businesses and how-to content. 
  • SMB Commercial and Residential Real Estate: office leasing and industrial office trends, primary residence and investment real estate buying and selling as well as renovation, historic preservation, and interior design.
  • Business Operations and Development: Small business marketing, customer service, taxes, business credit, legal and regulatory issues affecting SMBs as well as management and leadership.  
  • Technology: Cybersecurity, data protection, mobile apps, cloud computing, home and small office networking; IoT, smart homes and small businesses; machine learning and AI; gamification and VR/AR/MR of learning and productivity tools.

I also write about career shifts from on-site to remote working or from employee to business owner. Travel and lifestyle for mass affluent, wealth-focused audiences also is a specialty. While I can and have written extensively for print publications, I specialize in writing for top digital news platforms, online trade media, and recognized business blogs.

How I Write and For Whom

I write articles that resonate with and enlighten your readers without talking down to them. I’m known for my ability to write articles and blog posts that draw readers in and keep them engaged from the beginning to the end of the piece. 

I also can easily convert complex concepts into reader-friendly, intelligent narratives for both business and consumer audiences. I write both long- and short-form content and can write in your media outlet’s or trade publication’s voice and to its audience’s needs.

My recent news media outlet and trade publication clients include NBC’s,,,, Cox Media’s Next Avenue, and HR Magazine.

Over my previous years of journalism experience, I contributed narrative nonfiction and service pieces on personal finance, business and lifestyle to recognized, primarily national, print and online publications. It was during that period while writing for an influential national magazine that I won an award for an investigative journalism piece.

But that investigative journalism and most hard news no longer fit my business model so I’ve moved away from that and won’t accept offers to take those assignments.

Instead, I’m focusing on wealth development and personal finance management (including real estate) journalism and brand storytelling and would love to hear from you about those projects. I’m committed to award-winning worthy writing for all clients.

As you would expect from a journalist of my background and experience, I’m adept at article development, including researching and sourcing, conducting interviews and writing the final article. I provide clean copy that’s usually publishing-ready with little editing.

I’m easy to work with and deadline-oriented as well. My job is to make yours more comfortable, and that’s what I try to do. As a result, I tend to establish long-term relationships with editor clients and publications.

With Whom I Work Best

Because I specialize in well-researched long-form content about the length of this page or longer, I work best for clients who can provide more extended deadlines for their articles. I even can write on tight deadlines of a few weeks (and have supported editors in those situations when other writers have been unable to complete assignments).

But, I’m not a breaking news writer who produces content for daily publications or blogs. I focus on creating evergreen content that does well in search and becomes part of a client’s content library.

If you need additional, high-quality contract journalism or professional blogging talent, please review my services, resume, and recent work portfolio and reach out to me about your project or assignment. I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call. It’s also essential to understand what I don’t offer.

If you think we can work together, I look forward to hearing from you.

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