Past Journalism Work

I began writing professionally for businesses and print publications in 1997. I began working as a full-time independent print journalist in 1998 when I also fully launched my online journalism and content writing career.

That means most of this portfolio of my previous professional work shows writing samples for magazines and other print publications from that time through 2005. Much of what you’ll see here are clips from major online publications for which I wrote in the early 2000s. This portfolio also includes more recent journalism work completed in 2011 during the time the news industry was restructuring entirely, and I began offering strategic content writing and other inbound marketing services.

My past work portfolio not only gives you a strong idea of the kind of work I have done previously, but it also shows the level, length, breadth, and consistency of my professional writing experience. Naturally, my skills have evolved, and I use those updated skills to write high-quality content related to finance and business topics for businesses and news publications.

In addition to the substantial amounts of website copy I’ve written professionally since 1997 after being a college journalist between 1992-1995. I’ve produced blog articles, ebooks, and guides often based on messaging strategies I helped define. I’ve also conducted successful publicity campaigns for clients and, while I don’t provide those services any longer, I do write press content for business clients.

As you can see by the samples below, if it can be written to meet your business or editorial needs, I probably can write the content. Even if you don’t see it represented here or in my most recent work, please contact me about your project or writing assignment* and let’s discuss how I can help you. (If for some reason the widget below doesn’t load, click here to see the work.)

While I can’t guarantee specific results by working with me, I ensure you, if I’m uncertain I can complete your project with excellence, I will not accept the work.

(* I reserve the right to decline any project of any type for any reason at any time without any explanation. If you are interested in having me write or collaborating with me on hard news or investigative features, please visit my other media entity to learn more about that work.)

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